OHbaby! Subscription


OHbaby! empowers you on your pregnancy and parenting journey! from pregnancy through to school years - we hold your hand!

Subscribe to OHbaby! magazine, options include print, digital and personalised cover subscriptions!


Purchase a digital issue or subscription and your issue will be loaded straight to your digital issues folder in your OHbaby! profile. Simply login to ohbaby.co.nz, go to your profile and you will see digital subscriptions (and your personalised cover subscriptions as well). 

Want to guarantee your baby's spot on the cover of OHbaby! magazine?! When you subscribe to OHbaby! with a personalised cover subscription you get to choose a photo of your baby to put on the cover of your personal copy of the magazine for each issue that you're subscribed to! For example if you subscribe for a personalised cover subscription for one year, then you get four issues with your baby on the front cover. This is a great keepsake and gift idea! Record your baby's milestones each quarter by tailoring the cover lines online - or perhaps make a cute pregnancy announcement! PLUS, by other copies for family as gifts!

At present the personalised cover option is available through our Baby of the Year Cover Star promotion Here: https://ohba.by/2Z40FX8   
Our full personalised cover system - which can be purchased now. Will be ready to upload and personalise your cover lines from 25 July 2020 (not long). We will send anyone who purchases the personalised cover subscription an email at that time notifying them that they can upload their image and personalised cover at that time.  

How does it work?

  1. Email notification - we'll send you a reminder email two weeks before the magazine goes to print.
  2. Choose a cover photo - You login to Ohbaby portal to submit your photo
  3. Record milestones - You will also be prompted to enter your own cover lines, this is a great place to record your little ones latest milestones or any cute and funny experiences you've had with your baby
  4. Final reminder emails - we'll send you daily final reminder emails three days out from the 'deadline'. We know mums are busy so one reminder is never enough!